We support 

Indigenous students to achieve their potential in school

The Cathy Freeman Foundation programs broaden horizons and supports Indigenous students to experience their full potential in school.

The Foundation acknowledges the strength and wisdom that lies within remote Indigenous communities. Our work demands strong and trusting partnerships with community, elders and school leaders. We partner with communities for the long haul, as we journey through the complexities of the work required to create social change.


The vision of the Cathy Freeman Foundation is simple but ambitious:
Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children have the best education outcomes and optimal opportunities in life.

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December 14, 2021

Today we announce that after 15 wonderful years as Co-Founder and Director of the Cathy Freeman Foundation that Cathy will be stepping away and passing the baton onto the leadership team of the Chair, Professor Larissa Behrendt AO, Chief Executive Officer, Ms Jade Colgan and the Directors of the Board.


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The Cathy Freeman Foundation empowers over 1600 students in four remote Indigenous communities to achieve their potential in school, and beyond.