Dedicate a day to raising funds for life-changing education programs for Indigenous kids, whilst learning more about your local Indigenous culture. 

Together we can help to close the education gap. 


A good quality education lays the foundation for success in life. But unfortunately today in Australia, Indigenous children do not have the same education standards and opportunities in life as non-Indigenous children.


In 2017, the overall attendance rate for Indigenous students nationally was 83.2%, compared with 93.0% for non-Indigenous students. Attendance is even lower in remote areas, dropping to 64.6% in very remote areas.

Year 12 attainment

Nationally, the proportion of Indigenous 20-24 year-olds who had achieved Year 12 or equivalent was 65.3% in 2016, compared to 89.1% for non-Indigenous students.

Whilst these statistics are alarming, we believe ‘the gap’ swings both ways and to truly close the gap it is important to encourage positive conversations about Indigenous education and culture amongst all Australians.


That is why we are uniting students, teachers, parents and work colleagues together so that we can help to close this education gap from both directions. Together we can ensure that the next generation of Indigenous children grow up feeling empowered and enjoy the same opportunities as non-Indigenous children in a country proud of its rich cultural heritage.


The Cathy Freeman Foundation believes in the power of education. We support over 1600 students in four of the most remote Indigenous communities in Australia. We deliver education programs that span across early childhood years, through primary and secondary education. Our programs focus on improving school attendance, increasing confidence and pride, setting goals for the future and increasing Year 12 attainment.

Our Impact

  • In 2017, students graduating from Year 12 increased by almost 50% across the four Cathy Freeman Foundation partner communities compared to 2016.

  • In 2017, every student that graduated from year 12 had been on a Cathy Freeman Foundation horizons camp during their school journey.

  • 100% of students who attended a Cathy Freeman Foundation Horizons camp in 2017 said that their confidence had increased as a result of the camp.

Whilst these successes are incredible, there is still a lot more work to be done before we can say our vision has been achieved. With your help we can ensure that the next generation of Indigenous children grow up to succeed in school and have the opportunity to follow their dreams.


We invite you to help close the education gap by dedicating a day to learning more about Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander culture whilst raising much needed funds for the Cathy Freeman Foundation.  

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