Students from Elwood Primary School show us how to stomp

The inaugural Stomp Out The Gap in 2017 saw 650 schools across Australia sign up to show their support for Indigenous education. One particular school caught our attention with an epic photograph of the school dressed in colours forming the Aboriginal flag! We spoke to Grade 6 Classroom Teacher, Ryan Murphy from Elwood Primary School, to find out how they managed to pull off such an impactful Stomp Out The Gap day.

What inspired your school to get involved and support the Cathy Freeman Foundation?


We had a family connection at our school to the Cathy Freeman Foundation and through this connection we were asked to participate in the ‘Stomp Out The Gap’ program in 2017. We have also recently formed a Reconciliation Team in our school and through education have been informing our community more of our country’s First Peoples.


What activities did you do to celebrate and fundraise for Stomp Out The Gap?


For a gold coin donation, our school had organised each grade level to come to school dressed in one of the colours of the Aboriginal flag (Prep-2 Red, 3-4 Yellow and 5-6 Black). We spoke briefly over the school speakers about the reasons for the wearing of these colours and how to get involved. During lunch time, we took a school photo with each grade level positioned to form the Aboriginal flag made of students and teachers.

How can schools/students benefit from getting involved in Stomp Out The Gap?

Our school is certainly working hard in providing our students with more opportunities to learn about Australia’s First Peoples. This program was one way to keep the conversations occurring in classrooms and provided an interactive way for students to get involved.

Thank you to the students and teachers of  Elwood Primary School for their inspiring efforts to help Stomp Out The Gap!