Horizons is a personal development project to build resilience and provide school students with the tools to set and achieve their own goals and to finish Year 12.

The Horizons Program gives students a once in a lifetime opportunity to join their peers from other partner communities for an intensive personal development experience in Australian metropolitan cities.

The Program is educational, aspiration, cultural and focuses on preparing for the transition from school into the workforce. With the aim to empower students to plan for their futures and develop the capacity to implement the plans, Horizons supports young people to build on their innate strengths.


Students are selected by their schools based on attendance and commitment to learning.

In partnership with principal partner VIVA Energy, and with the support of the Federal Government, up to 80 students experience one of 5 trips to Brisbane, Canberra, Darwin, Melbourne or Sydney. Designed according to age group, the Horizons Program balances fun and new experiences of city life with educational and employment opportunities that encourage the students to navigate their journey transitions through school and into the world of work.


Exposure to various workplaces and corporate engagement, meeting people who work in diverse fields, mixed with mentoring sessions and workshops with young Indigenous roles models and leaders enables the students to dream big and aim high. In 2015, the Cathy Freeman Foundation hosted its first series of Horizons camps with students from all communities. The friendships forged between students and staff have been lifelong and are an added bonus to the program.



Experiential education broadens a student’s ability to set goals for a future of their making.
Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students from remote communities can participate in a program that broadens their horizons and builds on their innate strengths.