After looking after the needs of your loved ones, leaving a charitable gift (bequest), whether large or small, ensures that the legacy you leave behind is compassionate, meaningful and aligned with the values you carried through life.

This gift creates a ripple effect, powering change for generations to come, by allowing us to continue the vision of our Founder, Cathy Freeman, to help Indigenous children and their families recognise the power of education and achieve their goals and dreams.

Powering Change for Generations to come…


One of our biggest success stories is the long-term partnerships with the communities we work with. We are invested for the long haul, that is the only way we can create long term positive change.  Leaving a bequest comes from a deep desire to safeguard this investment allowing us to continue to empower Indigenous Australians through culturally supportive education. 


When you leave a gift with the Cathy Freeman Foundation, we ensure that it’s efficiently spent where it is needed most — and will make the greatest impact. However, if there is a cause or program of ours that you particularly want to support, you can contact us on 03 9686 4813 or email admin@cathyfreemanfoundation.org.au to discuss your preferences. 

Your Will can reflect what has been important to you in your lifetime.  Discuss your wishes with your family to ensure they understand that your bequest is meaningful to you.  

It is important to review your Will regularly to make sure it is still valid so that your wishes can be fulfilled.

Writing your Will

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