The Cathy Freeman Foundation delivers three programs designed to support students from Pre-Prep through to Year 12 as we travel the journey of the child through school. 

Since 2014, the Cathy Freeman Foundation has partnered with the Brotherhood of St Laurence to deliver the HIPPY Program (Home Interaction Program for Parents and Youngsters), which is designed to help prepare children for success in the classroom by equipping them with reading and writing skills in the early schooling years. Through the Program, parents guide their preschool-age children’s early learning experiences and help them realise success by beginning school, ready to learn.

Starting Block encourages students to achieve at school and strive for personal goals by giving recognition to those who demonstrate academic progress, good behaviour and regular attendance. This involves classroom resources provided to teachers to measure student success in school attendance and literacy and behaviour on a daily basis. These results lead to the Starting Block Awards ceremonies, celebrated at the end of each school term where students are acknowledged for their efforts in front of family, friends and community. 

In partnership with Viva Energy and Cottage by the Sea, the Horizons Program gives students a once in a lifetime opportunity to join their peers from our partner communities for an intense personal development experience in Australian capital cities. With a major focus on positive role models, goal setting and post school pathways, these trips provide students with unique educational and cultural experiences in an urban setting.