Celebrating 10 Years of Indigenous Education

It was wonderful to see Cathy Freeman and founding Chair of the Cathy Freeman Foundation, Andrew Cannon AM, in Palm Island this week to help celebrate the Foundation's 10 year anniversary.

Andrew and Cathy were warmly welcomed by old friends and members of the Palm community after arriving on the barge from Lucinda yesterday. "It's a beautiful island, people are kind and they're proud of their children," said Andrew.

It has been close to five years since Andrew last visited Palm Island and in that time he says there has been an enormous change in attitudes towards education.

"The older children are taking a really senior attitude to getting to school and being strong role models for the younger generation," said Andrew.

Yesterday, Andrew enjoyed being part of the school assembly at Bwgcolman Community School with Cathy and spent time talking to curious students about the car and learning about their achievements.

When quizzed on what he envisions for the future of Palm Island children, Andrew believes university is the next step, " We must stay focused on education as without the tools, you can't get through the wall. I'd love to see more Indigenous children having the opportunity to go to universities around the world like Cambridge and Oxford."