Starting Block is a multifaceted program that is centered on building student wellbeing and resilience from students in pre-Prep to Year 12.

Through the delivery of CFF produced workbooks linked to the General Capabilities in the Australian Curriculum, local staff engage local children in discussions that are aimed at developing self-efficacy and confidence. In partnership with this approach, Starting Block also provides incentives to students through an awards program as they strive to improve their school attendance and application to their work.

The Give Me 5 program enables students to celebrate incremental improvement in attendance term by term. By pledging to increase their attendance by 5 days a term and using the CFF classroom attendance charts, students are able to set achievable goals that can be celebrated by all.

Starting Block also invites families and community to engage in the education of their children by hosting a series of whole of community engagement events both within the school and outside of school.

At the completion of each school term, all seven school partners host a Starting Block Awards ceremony with the Foundation. Students who have achieved 90% school attendance or who have improved their attendance by 5 days in a term receive an award. The awards are ethically sourced and target literacy, numeracy and STEM themes.

The Starting Block Award ceremony provides opportunity for the school community and the broader community to come together and celebrate the positive steps being made collectively by the students.


The public recognition fosters a sense of pride across the community and contributes to creating a supportive environment that encourages the students to reach their next milestone.



Celebrations of success and having multiple visible sources of support have been shown to improve educational outcomes.
By teaching students to set achievable goals and acknowledging them once attained, Starting Block develops the student’s capacity to plan their educational future and see the importance of school attendance.